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Lipstick Shaped Electric Hair Remover For Women

Lipstick Shaped Electric Hair Remover For Women

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→ **Lipstick Shaped Electric Hair Remover:**
→ Discover the perfect blend of style and functionality with our lipstick-shaped electric hair remover designed exclusively for women.

→ **Efficient Hair Removal:**
→ Boasts efficient hair removal capabilities for smooth and silky skin.
→ Gentle on the skin, making it suitable for various hair removal needs.

→ **Lipstick-Inspired Design:**
→ Mimics the sleek and compact design of a lipstick for discreet and stylish use.
→ Easily fits into your purse or makeup bag for on-the-go grooming.

→ **Precision Hair Removal:**
→ Designed for precision hair removal in sensitive areas, including the face and bikini line.
→ Ensures a flawless finish without irritation or redness.

→ **Painless Hair Removal:**
→ Employs advanced technology to provide a painless hair removal experience.
→ Suitable for quick touch-ups without the discomfort associated with traditional methods.

→ **Cordless and Portable:**
→ Cordless design offers freedom of movement during use.
→ Ideal for travel or quick grooming sessions whenever and wherever needed.

→ **Easy to Clean:**
→ Features a detachable head for easy cleaning and maintenance.
→ Ensures hygiene and longevity of the hair removal device.

→ **USB Rechargeable:**
→ Powered by a USB rechargeable battery for eco-friendly and convenient use.
→ Eliminates the need for disposable batteries, contributing to sustainability.

→ **User-Friendly Operation:**
→ Simple one-button operation for effortless hair removal.
→ Suitable for users of all experience levels, providing a hassle-free grooming solution.

Elevate your grooming routine with the Lipstick Shaped Electric Hair Remover – a chic and effective tool that combines style with precise and painless hair removal for women on the go.



Product name: Electric eyebrow trimmer


Product color: White/Rose gold


Power supply: usb charging /AA battery


Main material: ABS+PC


Product size: 125x20mm


Package Included:


1 x Hair Remover

1×USB charging cable

1×clean brush


Note: Batteries mode does not include battery. Just buy an extra battery in your local area and it's easy to install.

(AA batteries are widely used in many small electrical appliances and digital products because of their small size and moderate capacity)

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