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Eyelash Extension Supplies Kit

Eyelash Extension Supplies Kit

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Introducing our comprehensive Eyelash Extension Supplies Kit, curated to provide everything you need for a professional and seamless lash extension experience.

**1. Diverse Lash Selection:**
Our kit includes a variety of lash extensions, from different lengths to thickness, allowing you to customize and create a wide range of lash looks tailored to your clients' preferences.

**2. High-Quality Adhesive:**
Experience superior bonding with our specially formulated lash adhesive. Designed for long-lasting wear, it ensures a secure attachment while maintaining a comfortable feel for the wearer.

**3. Precision Tweezers Set:**
Achieve flawless application with our set of precision tweezers. Crafted for accuracy, these tweezers make it easy to pick up and place individual lash extensions, ensuring a meticulous and professional result.

**4. Eyelash Primer:**
Prepare the natural lashes for extensions with our eyelash primer. This essential step ensures optimal adhesion and longevity of the extensions.

**5. Remover and Cleanser:**
Effortlessly remove and clean lashes with our gentle yet effective remover and cleanser. These products ensure a safe and comfortable experience for your clients during the extension removal process.

**6. Lash Pads and Tape:**
Keep your workspace organized and your clients comfortable with lash pads for under-eye protection and tape to secure lower lashes during the application.

**7. Training Mannequin Head:**
Perfect your skills with our training mannequin head. Ideal for practicing different lash extension techniques, it allows you to refine your craft before working on clients.

**8. Storage Case:**
Stay organized on the go with our durable storage case. Each item in the kit has its designated space, making it convenient to transport your eyelash extension supplies with ease.

Elevate your lash extension game with our all-inclusive Eyelash Extension Supplies Kit, designed for both beginners and experienced lash artists alike. Experience the ultimate convenience and quality in one comprehensive package.


Eyelash Extension Supplies Kit Eyelash Fan Dryer Tweezers Glue Rings Mascara Wands Eyelash Micro Brushes Applicators Eye Pads Patches Tapes


Lash Fan: plastic

Tweezers: stainless steel

Eyelash Tapes: non-woven fabric

Eye Pads: Non-woven fabric , hydrogel

Eyelash Brushes: Plastic + HIPS

Micro Brushes: Plastic + cotton

Glue Ring : Plastic


Lash Fan: 4.72in * 2.75in * 1.18

Eye Pads: 4.3in * 2.8in

Straight Tweezers: 5.5 in

Elbow Tweezers: 4.72 in

Eyelash Tapes: 0.5 in

Eyelash Brushes: Length 3.9 in

Micro Brushes: Length 3.9 in

Glue Rings Holder: 0.75 in


Each pair of eye gel patches is individually packaged to ensure safe storage and ease of use, with a smooth, lint-free front designed to protect the lower lashes.

The USB cooling eyelash fan can effectively cool down the air outlet by 37.4 - 41°F.

The 2 eyelash tweezers are designed with different styles, rust-resistant and beautifully durable, comfortable to use and not easily fatigued, with high density and good elasticity of the tip and tight closure.

Disposable cotton swabs allow for easy glue dipping during the process. Disposable mascara brush can be slightly curved as needed to comb through lashes after extensions.

A great gift for personal makeup, beginners, professionals and beauty enthusiasts.

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