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Bestqool LED Mask Photon LED Light Therapy - 6 Colors with Near Infrared Light LED Face Mask for Skin Rejuvenation SPA Facial Body Skin Care Beauty Salon Device

Bestqool LED Mask Photon LED Light Therapy - 6 Colors with Near Infrared Light LED Face Mask for Skin Rejuvenation SPA Facial Body Skin Care Beauty Salon Device

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Product Description

The Bestqool Multi-wavelengths PDT Led Light Therapy Device provides your skin and cells with secure and focused natural light, all without generating excessive heat.

Suggested Time: 30-60 minutes session per day and at least 4 times per week.

Dose Calculation

Joules/cm²=(Irradiance x use time in seconds)/1000

The product calculation below

If a person uses the LED photon light therapy for 30 minutes, they would receive a total dose of 36 Joules/cm²

(20mw/cm²x3600 seconds)/1000=36 Joules/cm²

The light therapy mask beauty equipment allows you to adjust the light color and skincare duration using the top button. This enables you to enjoy a salon-level skincare experience in the comfort of your home.

Bestqool Near Infrared Light Therapy

Facial LED red light therapy from Bestqool

Convenient and durable infrared light therapy mask

Experience advanced infrared light therapy without any discomfort—an innovative light therapy spa that can be relished in the comfort of your own home. Crafted from safe and odorless materials, it offers a reassuring sense of reliability with its 200 clinically proven LED lamp beads.

Effective and efficient near infrared red light therapy


bestqool red light therapy IP
Best Service. Cool Product.

Say goodbye to expensive and time-consuming trips to spas. Our skin therapy device has all your beauty needs.

-----------------------------------------------Bestqool NA headquarter care team

  • Natural Light Waves Improve the Appearance of Skin.
  • Multi-wavelengths Skin Solution
  • Painless & Non-Invasive
  • Simple and Convenient
  • Perfect Solution for Sensitive Skin
  • Save Money and Time

Multi-wavelengths Led Light Therapy

Facial & Body Skincare Beauty Device for Anti-aging Skin Tightens Wrinkles

The LED photon beauty device, crafted for both facial and body enhancement, employs natural light waves emitted by LEDs to penetrate the skin and tissues.

  • Benefits
  • Increases collagen production
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Tightens skin
  • Improves pigmentation
  • Reduces skin grease
  • Smoothens skin
  • Reduces redness

Bestqool Multi-wavelengths LED Mask Photon Light Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Facial Skin Care Machine

Full body red light therapy device from Bestqool

NIR lights (850 nm) Near-infrared LEDs appear unlit because they are invisible to naked eye

630nm Light- Increases blood flow, collagen production and reduce wrinkles

470nm Light- Diminish inflammation, inhibition of sebaceous gland

525nm Light- Improves pigmentation and fine lines

590nm Light- Smoothens skin and reduces redness

610nm Light (red+yellow)- Increases blood flow and boosts metabolism

630nm + 470nm Mix Light - Relaxing, improves skin

NEW Near-Infrared Light (850nm)- Boosts skin health and increases collagen production and blood flow, improves pigmentation

Automatic Optical Cycle Mode

Bestqool LED red infrared light therapy for body

Simplicity in function leads to enhanced well-being

Combining different wavelengths of light in specific combinations can lead to various benefits including enhanced therapeutic efficacy, customized therapies, synergistic effects, comprehensive cellular stimulation, faster sessions times.

bestqool led light therapy - infrared light therapy - red light therapy

Efficient Red Infrared Light Therapy

Consistently using your photon LED light therapy device will yield remarkable results and health advantages. Numerous studies validate these benefits, assuring you that each session benefits your skin. Typically, it takes around a month to observe improvements in skin and health concerns. Begin using your red light therapy today for a life of wellness and beauty.

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